About us


Specialized in the production of components for lead-acid batteries.

Biasin Srl has been active in the lead-acid battery market for over sixty years.

It boasts over a thousand articles produced internally to ensure an innovative and 100% Made in Italy production.

Strict quality controls ensure a product that meets all the technical specifications required by the strictest quality standards.

Maximum reliability of the production with tests on 100% of production to ensure a better customer satisfaction.

Industry 4.0 to increase and improve the company productivity.

4 million batteries produced per year.

Up to 40% of products for export to the largest European and non-European companies.


Production of injection molds to be always at the forefront in the automotive sector.

Biasin Srl has an injection mold production department to ensure an innovative and controlled product from the moment of design;

A molding department that counts 20 injection presses from 50 to 1400 tons;

And an assembly department including 9 robots manufactured internally and connected in 4.0 to increase and improve the company productivity.